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Aardvark the One

1 h|Pre-schooler, School children|Kanuti Gild's Big Hall

Rezekne theatre Yorick

Silent detective story for the whole family

In this private zoo every day feels the same until one night a strange animal appears in one of the empty cages. Animal carers and the head of the zoo are puzzled – what does this creature look like – is it a kangaroo or a bunny? While all workers are trying to figure out the animal’s origin, it disappears and the adventure can begin. Everybody in this case is a suspect including workers themselves. 

Are you also a detective? Help us find our beloved friend! 

Aardvark The One is a story about love and understanding without words in one act.

In 1990, a group of Rezekne Russian Folk Theatre enthusiasts under the leadership of director Igors Mihailovs founded one of the first independent theatre groups in Latvia – theatre-studio Poor Yorick. In 2002, the theatre changed its concept and changed the name of the theatre, and since then it has been the Rezekne theatre-studio Yorick.

From the foundation of the theatre until 2016, the artistic director of the theatre was its founder Igors Mihailovs. Since 2016/2017 the artistic director is IIja Bočarņikovs, a former student of the Yorick Children’s and Youth Studio, a graduate of the Moscow Art Theatre School and a director. With the initiative of I. Bočarņikovs, a professional Latvian troupe was formed. During each season several productions are being made, including musical productions, performances for children and youth, comedies and dramas.