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About Festival

The next International Visual Theatre Festival Tallinn Treff will take place from the 27th to 30th of May, 2021.

Certainly the most important and primary question of today is how to stay healthy and alive. And yet, amongst this confusion, we have decided to hold an international festival. Why so? 

On the one hand, one might think that we should let theatre wait its time and so to say put it on hold, until the global situation stabilises. On the other hand, there is ever increasing need for live cultural experience. 

This is why it is now especially important to find opportunities to help people find alternative ways of relieving tensions. Paradoxically, now is a time when theatre can focus on its true mission by offering people entertainment as well as food for the soul.

We would be lying to ourselves if we were to say with full confidence that, rain or shine, our festival will take place. But we can take action to make this hope become a reality. For this, we need the goodwill and faith of both viewers as well as organisers.

So we act with a goal to bring together as wide a spectrum of visual theatre subtypes as possible. Our programme features diverse international productions of puppet, object, material, digital, multimedia and physical theatre. We are expecting to have 16 productions from ten countries, half of which are aimed at children and half at youth and adults.

To call thigs by their right name, the festival name will undergo a seemingly cosmetic change. More precisely, we are turning back to the name that has been used among our viewers and participants both at home and abroad, and go forward under the name International Visual Theatre Festival Tallinn Treff.

Let us wait and be hopeful.

Leino Rei
Artistic Director and Manager of the Festival
leino.rei [at] eestinoorsooteater.ee