Seminar | NUKU


Seminar “What Is Visual Theatre?”
Friday, 24th May at 12:00
NUKU's Rehearsal Hall

Visual theatre is an increasingly expanding and vague concept – various elements of visual theatre are used more and more also in musical and drama productions; as an umbrella term, visual theatre encompasses rapidly evolving puppet, object and physical theatre.  

As part of the NuQ Treff festival, a joint seminar of theatre theorists and practitioners titled “What Is Visual Theatre?” will take place in NUKU Theatre. We will seek answers to the following questions: how do definitions of visual, puppet, object and physical theatre differ in different regions and theatre cultures? How do definitions of theorists and practitioners differ? Do different definitions result in different theatrical language, or does different theatrical language bring about different terminology? Is it possible to define visual, puppet, object and physical theatre in a way that encompasses all current definitions? And would a definition that satisfies everyone be a useful tool to anyone?  

The speakers in the discussion panel include visual theatre directors Ruslan Kudashov (Russia), Veselka Kuncheva (Bulgaria), Merja Pöyhönen (Finland), Yana Tumina (Russia), Erik Alalooga (Estonia), Helen Rekkor (Estonia), and others.

The seminar is moderated by theatre researcher Madli Pesti (Estonia).

The seminar is mainly targeted at Estonian theatre practitioners, researchers and students, with a goal to expand and specify the terminology and through terminological specifications reach more clearly thought-out content. The seminar also welcomes all theatre enthusiasts who wish to observe theatre more consciously and to consider developments in Estonian theatre in the context of practical and theoretical directions in world theatre.

All participants in the seminar are invited to join the discussion. The working language of the seminar is English.

The seminar will be broadcasted by the ERR cultural portal