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Funding programme

A funding programme supporting museum visits

It is also possible to attend the educational programmes of the Museum of Puppetry Arts with the help of a funding programme.

The funding programme covers the costs of participating in an educational programme (e.g., a guided tour, a workshop, or a Meet the Actor and Puppet event for a group of children from a school or a preschool institution. It is even possible to apply for funding for participating in several educational programmes during one visit.

The programme was launched by the Riesenkampff family, who are patrons of the Museum of Puppetry Arts and annual bright-eyed visitors of the museum themselves. The Riesenkampff family is one of the Baltic German families whose ancestors came to the Baltic states in the 16th century and lived here for about 400 years, up to the year 1939, when the majority of Baltic Germans were taken to Germany. Nevertheless, the family never forgot its Baltic roots and especially Estonia, where most of their ancestors come from. The family has founded a non-profit organisation called Riesenkampff Stiftung, which is run from Berlin and the purpose of which is to support activities connected to children in the Baltic states, focusing particularly on Estonia.

As former Baltic Germans, the Riesenkampffs care about Estonia as well as Estonian children and young people. This is why it is their wish to offer the opportunity of visiting the Museum of Puppetry Arts and attending its educational programmes to the students who would otherwise not come to the Museum of Puppetry Arts.


* groups of children from a school or preschool who live outside of Tallinn and thus have fewer opportunities;

* group size 15–25 children or young people, accompanied by 2–3 adults.

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