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In addition to the main exhibition, the museum hosts several special exhibition. The displays can be accessed with the general museum ticket during opening hours.

Exhibition Tiny Worlds by Rosita Raud

Rosita Raud is a theatre designer, whose career spans for over 30 years already. The special exhibition in Museum of Puppetry Arts introduces her work and creativity. Read more here.

Location: domed cellar of the museum (left from the entrance staircase)

Exhibition  Masks and Costumes from the Theatre Day Gala

On March 27, 2018 Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences theatre hosted a Theatre Day Gala, an event for a thousand theatre people where the national theatre awards are given out. For the special production 10 highly creative and powerful characters were created, showing many sides of a theatre spirit. The masks and costumes of these characters can now be viewed in the museum. 

Location: inner courtyard of the museum

Exhibition Actor's Wardrobe

An actor's wardrobe is a special place within the theatre. In the Museum of Puppetry Arts, the wardrobe of an actor hosts two best friends, Mr Anti Kobin's and Mr Taavi Tõnisson's vision of their ideal wardrobe with a chance to see their favourite puppets and costumes as well as to try out some of the actor's warm-up exercises along with them. 

Location: 1st floor