Block Theatre | NUKU

Block Theatre

30 min|Young children|Museum


Abstract, geometrical wooden blocks come alive and lead the audience into different worlds supported by the puppeteer, music and sound world.

Block Theatre performance is visual, sculptural puppetry play developed by Roosa Halme. Main roles are acted by special wooden blocks designed by fine artist Kai Ruohonen. In addition to puppetry and the actor’s and director’s contribution, music also plays an important part in the performances. Providing a non-verbal performance with a carefully selected and designed soundscape turns the play into a multisensory experience.

Puppet artist Roosa Halme astonished the audience by playing blocks with grace. Different shaped blocks were whirring as a helicopter, dancing as humans, rumbling as motor cycles and defying the gravitation as different constructions. In block theatre a play progressed  towards magic. Everyone from little children to senior citizens were watching the play intensively without any stop. – Satakunnan Kansa

Block Theatre is a non-verbal, evolving sculptural puppet theatre. It is suitable for all spectators irrespective of age or language. Its concept is created by puppeteer Roosa Halme, artist Kai Ruohonen and cultural producer Annukka Ketola. It is built around three components: a human-shaped reconstruction kit; Block Theatre; and a tool for play. The basic physical component of Block Theatre is a set of wooden blocks that are not unlike conventional architectural building blocks. The blocks are used to create figures, objects, structures and landscapes in performances and workshops. Wooden blocks are familiar and safe basic forms that are easy to handle and manipulate.  Block Theatre has no rules, and there is no risk of failure.

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