Bon Voyage and Other Lies | NUKU

Bon Voyage and Other Lies

1 h 5 min|Young person, Grown-up|Small Hall

NUKU Theatre

Buckle your seatbelt for a take-off to the subconsciousness!

A flight attendant with a hidden agenda, a polite lonely boy surrounded by dysfunctional grownups, and identical twin sisters who push each other off the edge - are all woven together to create a wild humoristic and surreal performance.  A collage of identities and narratives in which the audience is invited to board a flight heading towards an unstoppable collision! 

Based on the stories “Jet Lag”, “The Polite Little Boy” ,“More Life” and “Parallel Universe” by internationally acclaimed author Etgar Keret, the award winning director and puppeteer Yael Rasooly continues to expand her storytelling language using paper-photo collage and object theatre. The show reveals the tension between what is seen on the surface and what is really taking place inside each character’s mind, under the skin.

Performance times and tickets:
May 24, 4pm Buy ticket