Bravery Chills | NUKU

Bravery Chills

1 h 15 min|School children|Ferdinand Hall

Christmas 2019 at NUKU Theatre:
Bravery Chills – a  story of audacity and true bravery

Christmas is the perfect time to tell a story of caring about each other and noticing also those who are often misunderstood. And so a little story about great bravery can be both realistic and a little magical.

Twins Villi and Volli are sixth-graders who live in a small town in Estonia. Their parents are often too busy with work and do not have time for them. Out of attention seeking on the one hand and boredom on the other, the boys come up with various dares, which usually lead to serious trouble. Dangerous games often end in accidents and might do so also in this story, but help suddenly comes from a place no one had expected it.



Getter Meresmaa or Doris Tislar
Laura Nõlvak or Lee Trei
Karl Sakrits or Risto Vaidla
Mait Joorits or Mart Müürisepp
Mihkel Tikerpalu or Taavi Tõnisson