Little Gavroche | NUKU

Little Gavroche

2 h|Ferdinand Hall

A story of a Parisian street boy who is called Gavroche Little. The street he lives on is like a separate state, ruled by poverty and destitution. Despite the tough situation Gavroche is not sad. He is a little street urching but he has a big heart! A time when the French king has forgotten to take care of his people, Gavroche takes care of his people on the street.  One day, though, it is clear to all that this is not the way to continue and Gabroche rises above everyone else when fighting for the freedom.

The show is based on excerpts of Victor Hugo's novel Les Miserables.



Andres Roosileht, Anti Kobin, Getter Meresmaa, Jevgeni Moissejenko, Kaisa Selde, Liivika Hanstin, Mart Müürisepp, Mirko Rajas, Riho Rosberg, Tiina Tõnis