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Audience reviews: Close Up 2.0

13. June 2017 | 10:02

On Friday, June 2, the world premiere of Editta Braun Company came on stage in Estonian Art Museum KUMU. Here are a few comments from the audience after the show.

Iiris, 16: How special human body can be! How capable of... everything! It's just not a piece of meat, but can give... I really can't say what it can give, but...

Mario, 23: I've got to be honest - it did not touch me. Or, perhaps I did not understand what the company wanted to say. Though the bodies on stage were very effective, it did not work on me. 

Kaisa, 30: It's their third production I've seen and they still keep me surprised. Very powerful!

Mari-Liis: 28: It was not a wow-experience and I did not come out of the venue with a feeling that everything's changed. I expected more but then again, I am not sorry that I had to see it.

Mart, 41: Beautiful! That's all. No more words needed. 

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