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NUKU performs in Białostock, Poland

17. June 2019 | 9:04

This week NUKU theatre participates at the international puppetry festival METAMORFOZY LALEK in Białostock, Poland  with the performances Bon Voyage and Other Lies (director Yael Rasooly).

METAMORFOZY LALEK take place for the fifth time and is mainly for adults and young people. It is already a well-known festival at the international arena that is run by Białostock Teatr Lalek. 

Białostock Teatr Lalek is one of the remarkable venues at the Polish North-East culture map and a well-known puppetry theatre in Poland. The theatre was established as a professional theatre in 1953 and many world renowned Polish puppeteers such as Jan Wilkowski, Adam Kilian, Jan Dorman, Leokadia Serafinowicz, Wojciech Wieczorkiewicz, Andrzej Dziedziul, Piotr Tomaszuk, Tadeusz Słobodziane have come from Lalek

Bon Voyage and Other Lies was invited to perform at the festival. The English version of it is performed on June 19 at 8:30pm. For NUKU theatre the invitation is an important one as Poland is one of leading puppetry countries near to Estonia. NUKU expects further collaboration with the theatre and festival in coming years. In 2019, along with METAMORFOZY LALEK NUKU has gotten invites to festivals in Slovenia and Russia.

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