Snow Queen | NUKU

Snow Queen

55 min|School children|Small Hall

Maribor Puppet Theatre

Audio fairy tale

Gerda and Kay, our main characters, are brother and sister. One evening their parents go to a dance. The older sister should take care of her younger brother, but he miraculously disappears. He is kidnapped by the Snow Queen. In this hopeless situation, Gerda decides to go on a journey to the North Pole. On her way, she has to confront her fears.

The performance is a combination of table puppets, storytelling and sound theatre. Animators, with the help of sound created with various objects, animate our imagination.

Maribor Puppet Theatre was established in 1973 when two amateur theatres joined forces. In 2010 the theatre moved into the newly renovated building of the Minorite monastery, which offered bigger rooms and state-of-the-art theatre equipment, allowing the theatre with its expanded artistic ensemble and top-notch professional team to reinvent itself and expand its programme. Their plays do not address only children – the theatre’s most numerous guests – but young people and adults as well. The repertoire constantly examines and explores the art of puppetry and fuses classical puppet technology with modern approaches. Apart from regular productions, the theatre also offers a wide variety of additional art education activities and carries out innovative projects. Since 1990, the Puppet Theatre Maribor organizes an international puppet festival The Summer Puppet Pier.

Performance times and tickets:
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