In the Whirl of Winds | NUKU

In the Whirl of Winds

Young person, Grown-up|Small Hall

No wind serves the one who sails aimlessly

Discontented people have found their voice. Jaan is one of them. Is he stupid? But what if all his time is spent on working and making a living, if work has strained his nerves and muscles to the limit? Is he blinded by populism or just speaking the truth? But what if the way things are really is unfair?

A social divide grown too wide to patch. Passion. A dream of a better future. Roaring injustice. Love. Crumbling old order. A new one to replace it. Justice earned with sweat. A place under the sun. Breaking storm.

Everything was taken from Jaan: his inheritance, his future, and the only thing left to him – his childhood love. Is a man entitled to love? How must he love if his love is unrequited? What is the right way to love? And what to do about burning injustice?


Lena Barbara Luhse, Maris Lüüs, Kaarel Pogga, Oskar Punga ja Oskar Seeman (Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre), Liivika HanstinAndres Roosileht