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Puppet Types / guided tour

During an active guided tour introducing different types of puppets, the visitors have the opportunity to try out how to manipulate a table-top puppet, a rod puppet, a hand puppet, and a marionette. In the course of the guided tour, the visitors also have a chance to try out our Time-Travel Machine, learn about various jobs in the theatre, and walk above the head of a 7-metre-high puppet.

Ages: pre-schoolers, schoolchildren, youth, adults
Duration: 1 h

Jobs in a Theatre / guided tour

People working in the world of theatre have unique and rare jobs. What does a scenographer do, for example? What about a stage manager, a make-up artist, a dresser, a light designer, a lights technician, a composer, a sound technician, a stage technician, a director, or an actor? In addition to learning about the different jobs in a theatre, the visitor also gets to try out several jobs themselves during the guided tour Jobs in a Theatre.

Ages: pre-schoolers, schoolchildren, youth, adults
Duration: 1 h

A Journey around Theatre Puppets / museum game

In this museum game, the children travel as detectives through the seven decades of the Puppet Theatre’s history. The time travellers will be equipped with a magnifying glass, glasses, a measuring tape, gloves, and something to write on and with. They study the puppets like historians, solve tasks that activate their imagination, and figure out answers to several puzzles.

The game develops children’s map reading and measuring skills; they learn to find relevant information from the text; they analyse and compare data; group work activities enable them to practise their cooperation skills; they learn facts about the history of the Puppet Theatre and get acquainted with the puppets.

Ages: schoolchildren (in grades 1-6)
Duration: 1 h – 1 h 15 min

Puppet Making Workshop / workshop

In workshops teaching how to make different types of puppets, the participants learn about the history of a specific type of puppet as well as the basics of making and manipulating it. Visitors can choose between the stick puppet workshop and the shadow puppet workshop. The stick puppet workshop is suitable for pre-schoolers and primary school children. Children create theatrical stick puppets – princes, princesses, or clowns – together. In the shadow puppet workshop, it is possible to choose between a simple puppet and a more complex puppet. The simple puppet is suitable for the pupils of first and second grade; while making the more complex shadow puppet is appropriate for pupils starting from third grade.

Once the puppet has been made, each new character has a chance to appear on the theatre stage for the first time.

Ages: schoolchildren, youth, adults
Duration: 1 h