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Guided tours

60 min|Pre-schooler, School children, Young person, Grown-up|Museum

Each excursion takes the participant to a trip around the puppetry world. The excursions are suited with the groups age. 

The Theatre on the Corner of Lai Street

This guided tour takes you back in time – to the year 1952, when the Estonian State Puppet Theatre (the predecessor of the current Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences) was founded. The guided tour introducing the history of the theatre presents artistic directors, chief scenographers, and productions, as well as outstanding theatre puppets. The visitors are also shown rare sheet music, scripts, and sketches.

During the journey, the visitors will hear about the life and creative journey of Ferdinand Veike, the first artistic director of the Puppet Theatre, and watch rare footage of the people and productions of the Puppet Theatre in the Time-Travel Machine. During each guided tour, visitors try to make several theatre puppets move. In Estonian.

Ages: schoolchildren, youth, adults
Duration: 1 h

Puppet Types

During an active guided tour introducing different types of puppets, the visitors have the opportunity to try out how to manipulate a table-top puppet, a rod puppet, a hand puppet, and a marionette. In the course of the guided tour, the visitors will also have a chance to try out our Time-Travel Machine, learn about various jobs in the theatre, and walk above the head of a 7-metre-high puppet. In Estonian or in English.

Ages: pre-schoolers, schoolchildren, youth, adults
Duration: 1 h

Jobs in a Theatre

People working in the world of theatre have unique and rare jobs. What does a scenographer do, for example? What about a stage manager, a make-up artist, a dresser, a light designer, a lights technician, a composer, a sound technician, a stage technician, a director, or an actor? In addition to learning about the different jobs in a theatre, the visitors also get to try out several jobs themselves during the guided tour Jobs in a Theatre.

Ages: pre-schoolers, schoolchildren, youth, adults
Duration: 1 h


Excursion fee per participant is 5/6 €, (child/adult) plus the guide fee of 45 € per group.

Excursion bookings by e-mail muuseum [at] or by phone +372 6679 542.