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Madness in the Workshop

20 min|School children, Young person, Grown-up|Oval Hall

Tof Theatre

A short wacky performance as a sort of preamble to inviting the audience, both children and adults, to try their hand at making their own puppets. Eighteen crazy minutes to describe the mishaps of a puppet under construction who decides to make a stab at finishing up the job itself...

Eighteen minutes, during which the character struggles with the elements, with the material, the objects, and sometimes even the manipulators themselves, never hesitating to tyrannize them...

The Tof Theatre was born in 1986 on Alain Moreau‘s initiative and following the creation of the show “Le Tour du Bloc”. Originally created for an adult audience, the show was re-worked and presented in its young people’s version. The show was an immense success and went on to play 500 times around the world: in Flanders and in numerous other European countries, the ex-USSR, Canada, the USA...
An adept of “miniature realism”, the Tof perverts traditional puppet manipulation techniques and allows the spectator to see the manipulator. The puppet, often the centre of the show and measuring from 5 centimetres to 5 metres, is not destined exclusively for young people’s theatre. Often without words, the shows are conceived for a wider public, enjoyed by parents, children and grandparents alike.

Each performance is followed by a polystyrene puppet workshop

Following this short, off-the-wall, performance, we invite children and adults to seriously set about building their own puppets under our guidance.
At the end of the show the actresses invite the audience to flock to the tools they offer to set about sculpting the polystyrene. Then, following the advice of the production team, they would set about making their own puppets. Clearly an hour of participating in our workshop is not enough for the audience to be able to leave with a completed puppet in their hands. They will, however, have the keys for making one at home, for finishing it up in their bedroom, or in the kitchen or, perhaps, to make others…

The ticket to the workshop is 5 euros and the max number of participants is 20.

Performance times and tickets:
May 25, 12pm Buy ticket
May 25, 3pm Buy ticket